About Us

Fzero Genomics Limited is the first Caribbean-based biotechnology company delivering a unique experience for customers to explore their continental ancestry with break-through DNA genotyping technology. Our global team has developed a suite of genomic testing services that satisfy our yearning for understanding our genetic ancestry, our health risks and lifestyle traits based on our Caribbean genetics. Fzero and its partners are conducting collaborative genomics research with leading academic institutions to help define the future of precision medicine and health in the Caribbean region.

Our Team


Sean Annandsingh

Managing Director & Chairman of the Board
Sean is an experienced entrepreneur with acute Caribbean business knowledge and experience. His work within the marketing sector has been transformational during his time innovating within the Caribbean space.

Donnie Bachan


A technologist with 20 years of experience in multiple verticals focussing primarily on start-ups and on a mission to bring precision medicine to the masses.


Scientific Advisory Board


Dr. Dexter Hadley, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Hadley's expertise is in translating big data into precision medicine and digital health. His background is in genomics and computational biology and he has training in clinical pathology. His research generates, annotates, and ultimately reasons over large multi-modal data stores to identify novel biomarkers and potential therapeutics for disease. 


Sylvia Keigwin, MSc

Clinical Geneticist

Sylvia is a rare gem in Trinidad & Tobago, being the only Clinical Scientist in Genetics. Her international training and experience brings a wealth of specific knowledge to the table and she is steadfastly working to improve genetic services in the country, and now with Fzero, in the Caribbean!


Dr. Jada Benn Torres, PhD

Anthropological Geneticist

Meet Jada Benn Torres, PhD., Associate Professor of Anthropology and the Director for the Laboratory of Genetic Anthropology and Biocultural Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Her primary research area is the Anglophone Caribbean where she explores genetic ancestry and population history of African and Indigenous Caribbean peoples.


Dr. Prisca Regis-Andrews, MD

Dean of Health Sciences

Prisca Regis-Andrew is the Dean/Coordinator of the Department of Health Sciences at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. A Family Nurse Practitioner, registered in St Lucia with prescriptive rights, she holds a PhD in Health Service: Management and Policy and enjoys 35 years of healthcare delivery in various capacities. She has published research conducted in St Lucia and is actively involved with delivery of low cost healthcare in her home community. Dr. Regis- Andrew is a Darkness 2 Light facilitator in the battle against Sexual Abuse Among Children. She is licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state of New York and is actively involved health education.